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Pink Iolaus

Electric Coffee Grinder Salt Pepper Beans Spices Coffee Bean Grinder

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$101.99 USD


Multifunctional grinding ,Very convenient , great taste with freshflavour accessed to you no matter when

One button to easily grind fine powder, press to start grinding, loosen to stop grinding 

Transparent cover, you can clearly see the grinding situation

Grinding time can be extended or shortened according to personal preference, meet the tastes of different people


Operating Instructions-It is recommended that coffee beans not exceed 50 grams during the grinding process, and every 20-35 seconds of work, stop the machine for 30 seconds to prevent the motor from overheating

Cleaning instructions-it is recommended to use a small brush or damp cloth to wipe, it is not recommended to clean the grinding cup directly with water to prevent the motor from leaking


Color: black / white / purple

Configuration: power cord / brush / manual