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Teal Simba

7.8-Quart Dehydrator Air Fryers Oven 1800W for Air Frying

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$240.99 USD
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$240.99 USD

Model Name Air Fryer
Capacity 7.38 Liters
Color Black
Item Weight 14.5 Pounds
Tasty Food with Less Fat& Oil: KOIOS Air Fryer uses up to 90% less fat than traditionally deep-fried food but reduces the number of calories and harmful compounds in fried and crispy foods that don’t destroy food nutrients.

Faster Cooking Time: KOIOS 1800-Watts air oven’s cooking time is faster than general electric hot air fryers oven(1500W-1700W) while results in more crisper and yummy food. 7.8 Quarts large air fryer XXL food capacity basket enough for 6-10 people, it can fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken or fish

160 Recipes and 6x4 Presets: 4 different functions, 6 presets for popular dishes. 160 recipes cookbook turn you into a cooking guru. It's a perfect healthy gift for your loving family and friends
Smart Operation & Easy to Clean: One-touch digital function for air frying, reheating, dehydrating, roasting, baking with no hassle, and nonstick pan make this air fryer easy to clean

Add this air fryer to cart, and experience a low fat and healthier life now

1800W powerful air fryer offers high-efficiency cooking, saves a lot of your time and cost. KOIOS air fryer can not only help you prepare a feast of less oil in a short time but also help to reduce the waste and preserve most nutrients of your foods to maintain a long time.

KOIOS 7.8QT Air Fryer has a large capacity, generously sized interior that lets you cook multiple servings and different foods at the same time.

1. The frypan of a brand new air fryer may have an odor to it. To simply eliminate this odor, prepare some lemon or orange peel and place it into the frypan for 2-3 minutes, which will easily remove the odor.
2. One thing to note for the appliance itself, is that the cooling air vent on the back of the air fryer should not be too close to a wall.
3. It’s good to note, however, that when cleaning pans with non-stick coatings, no abrasive materials should be used. This is so the non-stick coating remains intact.